Saturday, 15 December 2012

My First Taste of Bronze - Steinhart Marine Chronograph Edizione Limitada Bronzo

When I found out that Steinhart had just released a limited edition bronze watch, I contacted Gnomon immediately. However, the reply I got from Anders was far from encouraging. "We've only been allocated very limited pieces, bro. And most of them have been allocated to customers already. But "our dear friend" is at the head of the line," he winked. So I resigned myself to fate.

Fast forward to today. I decided to drop by Gnomon as the missus wants to go Christmas shopping. And honestly, I hate going shopping with her. It's a nightmare! Anyways, that's another kettle of fish altogether. So, there I was sitting at the counter chatting with them Gnomon team when in popped "our dear friend". He was also taking time off from the missus and decided to come view and possibly collect his Bronzo. So, I asked if her could lend it to me for the weekend to do a quick review and he obliged.

Alrighty then, on with the bronzo...

For the uninitiated, this is a limited edition piece of 55 pieces worldwide. And this piece on hand is an auspicious sounding #38/55. The 48mm bronze case is fixed to a tachymeter-scaled bezel. Under the sapphire crystal is a moss-green sandwich dial with sub-dials at the 9 and 3 o'clock positions. The hands are gold stained.

The case is amazingly attractive and gleams with differing shades of gold depending on the lighting condition.

The crown and pushers are bronze as well. The Steinhart logo is engraved onto the crown and painted over in blue. Unfortunately, this is not properly done and the end result is an unevenly painted surface.

The crystal is also slightly domed to add to the vintage visage. The lugs extends quite a fair bit but dip down sufficiently but is slightly angled.

Visible through the see-through case back is the Valjoux 7753 movement. The model, material used etc are engraved on the circumference of the stainless steel case back.

The limited edition numbering is engraved on the bottom lug space. This generously sized bronze beauty is proportionately mated to a pair of 26mm lugs.

This beautiful beast is mated to a pair of vintage looking brown straps with olive green stitch to match the dial. The longer strap comes to an angled stop with the limited edition embossed braking just in time at the 22mm tapered end.

A bronze tang buckle and a thick floater completes the visually pleasing straps.

The long lugs make the watch look kind of big on my 6 3/4-inch wrist. However, it sits rather comfortably and is not very heavy.

The lume is impressively bright and pretty. The sandwich dial is indeed the right choice.

To be honest, I have never really been a bronze watch fan. firstly, I'm not sure if I will like the patina years down the road. Secondly, I was told that bronze cases are not as sturdy and hardy as stainless steel. And it doesn't help that I tend to ding and scuff my watches with absolute ease.

The other thing I can't understand is the absence of a date window. It's a Valjoux 7753 anyway.

This is easily one of the most expensive Steinhart I have ever come across. This looks like a keeper. I am doubtful many will work its way into the pre-owned market. Many owners, will undoubtedly, want to see how the patina will develop over the years.

However, the past few hours of constantly and careful scrutinizing the watch, I've grown to really like it.

I'm seriously contemplating not returning this piece to "our dear friend" and keep it on my wrist for good!

- Impressive size (48mm).
- Colour changes according to different lighting conditions.
- A conversational piece.
- Very well designed and constructed.
- Beautiful matching straps.
- Brilliant lume. Very pretty.
- Sandwich dial.
- Rarity.

- Rarity.
- Blue paint on crown not evenly applied.
- Not as sturdy and hardy as stainless steel.
- No date window.
- relatively expensive.


  1. Oops! Was just informed by Anders of Gnomon that the blue patch on the crown is actually a peel-off protection. My Bad!

  2. if you are interested in selling it please email me kabso0o at gmail

  3. Sorry bro, as I mentioned in the review, this is not mine. I borrowed it from a friend.

  4. G'day Richard, Riker form Watchuseek & the Steinhart forum.

    Have been enjoying reading through your blog & have particularly enjoyed reading this review of the Marine chrono Edizione Bronzo & the Dievas Kampf & Cali review.

    Looking forward to reading more.


    1. G'day mate! thanks for the compliment. Still on a long, slow learning curve in this arena.
      Been very busy with work lately so I've been slacking on this front. Bear with me. I'm planning to put up another review as soon as time permits.

  5. It is most certainly a beauty! I have No 28 which has 22mm lugs, though the lug end of each Meva strap is 26mm with cut-outs. [Sorry but thought that should be put straight before peeps think they have a fake!] As you say it's deffo a keeper. ;-)

  6. loving it too - - really enjoying the steinhart i have and thinking of a bronze watch....though maybe a bronze pilot style....