Monday, 3 December 2012

My First Hand Wound - Dievas 3646.

I've always owned and preferred automatics for the convenience they offer. as long as it's on your wrist, it'll keep running. I have never understood others' fascination with handwound watches. I've always had this fear of forgetting to wind it. Until one fateful day, while visiting Gnomon watches, I witnessed the arrival of several Dievas hand wound models - the Kampfschwimmer, the 3646 and the califormnia vintage.

Suddenly, it hit me in the face, and the 3646 really stood out at the moment and ignited a latent longing to possess it.

What got to me was the soothing. loud and clear ticking of the movement.

Anyway,as the cliche goes, the rest is history. On with my thoughts on this time piece.

The 3646 bears a striking resemblance to the pam radiomir. Unfortunately, I cannot afford one to do a comparison against.

The sandwich dial adds that bit of class to the watch as well. I'll post some lume shots later.

It utilizes the same Unitas 6497 movement but without the swan neck regulator.

Aesthetically, it bears clean lines and the polished case adds a dash of class to it. It exhibition case back holds another marvelous sight. Cote de Geneve stripes, and 17 visible rubies, to say the least.

The spinning of the wheel ans the pulsating hairspring are clearly visible. kinda reminds me of a beating heart.

Beating at a slower 21600vph, it sounds like a fitter athlete than it's ETA 2824 and Valjoux 7750 brethens.

The domed sapphire crystal adds another vintage dimension to this piece of art. The cushion case wears comfortably on the wrist, especially with the way the lugs are angled. It fits my 6 3/4 wrist perfectly.

The downside to this time piece, imho, is the high polish steel. I can foresee it's fate in the future. It's likely to be a ding magnet. But I reckon this is part and parcel of owning any timepiece.

The watch comes with a pair of black straps with white stitch ( iirc). I'll post pics of the box's comntents later. It also comes with strap changing tools.

Changing the lugs take a bit of practice (thanks to the high gloss surface) but when fastened correctly, it's very secure.

I prefer brown straps for that vintage feel.

I've been enjoying this watch quite a fair bit and it's been getting quite a fair bit of wrist time.

This watch is pretty versatile and serves well as a weekend as well as a daily office wear accessory.

Here're the specs:
Case size : 47mm
Lug size: 26mm
Movement: Unitas 6497 hand wound

A value for money winner!


  1. i have the kamps, it's the dome glass is a winner for this series. i would like to get my hands on the 6152DB, it sorta beat RXW MM20 imo

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I have the kampfschwimmer as well. After buying the 3646, i couldnt stop thinking about the kamf so bought it as soon as stock was replnished.

    I'll do a review on this piece soon. Do post your feedback and views.

    you're referring to the black diamond? unfortunately, i was too late so couldn't get my hands on them either. will have to scour the secondary market for it. Fiddled with it before and was really amazed at how smooth the surface felt.

    I don't think I'm willing to spend the kinda dough owners of the MM20 is asking for. It's a nice piece but too costly for a pre-powned.