Friday, 6 September 2013

Two-Face Makes Five - Ennebi Fondale 44 Bronzo

Yup, the header sounds familiar? Indeed, it's another Ennebi Bronzo 44. Just couldn't resist it. Anyway, Since I'd previously reviewed another variant from this range not too long ago, this will be a short and simple pictorial review.

There are only two differences between this and my other Fondale 44 Bronzo. The first, and the most obvious, is the uniquely coloured dial. It looks literally like a two tone dial. Looking from left to right, the lighter shade of red/ brown builds up gradually into a brooding (almost) mocha brown. I gottta admit, this unique dial was the main impetus that snapped my purse strings.

The case is uniquely Ennebi. Simple, no nonsense and purposeful. And there's this thing about their bronze colour. Its vintage looking shade of dullness is anything but. the case and the dial are really a killer combo. To top it off, there's the engraved crown that resembles a heavily ornamented door knob from the medieval past.

The other distinguishing feature is the case back. the Ennebi logo takes centre stage on the rear end like a huge tattoo but tastefully done. This looks better than the overly spartan case back of my other Ennebi bronzo 44.

Lume is decent enough for me. The lumed logo is another plus.

Very proportionate fit on my tiny wrist.

Specifications :

Case Size : 44mm.
Lug Width : 24mm.
Water Resistance : 1,000m.
Movement : ETA 2824-2.
Case Material : Bronze.
Power reserve : +/- 42 hours.

Pros :
- Handsome watch.
- Nice mossy shade of bronze.
- Not a common piece.

- Long waiting time for watch.
- Not very versatile. A full-time casual watch.


  1. Nice one Richard!! Now that's your fifth. I'll wait to see your sixth review next year. Hahaha...cheers!!

  2. Lovely! How long did that patina take? Cheers :-)

    1. Believe it or not, this is a brand new piece i picked up from the local AD about a month ago , tops. My other NB bronzo had the same patina when I picked it up brand new as well. I notice that NB's bronzos tend to have a bit of patina even when brand new. and they have a darker shade of almost moss green tint. It might be the proportion of their component of zopper and tin used. On the contrary, the Montresses I have were shiny, almost like rose gold when new but the patina set in a hell lot faster. within months, with no accelerant or catalyst employed.